We can be reached via email at horsen1@chibardun.net or by phone at 715-458-2447
SCR is our senior stallion. He has
beautiful conformation and a very sweet
disposition. He does a very nice flatfoot
walk, foxtrot, and on occasion has done
a running walk. He is very diagonal and
if pushed past those gaits, he will hard
trot. We have never seen him pace. He is
very easy to handle and a true pleasure
to have here at Bridle Ridge. He stamps
his get with his sweet and willing
personality, a natural foxtrot, wonderful
conformation, excellent bone and joints,
and size. He is a true blue roan stallion.
 He is homozygous for the black
gene. This means that he will only
produce black-based foals. He has some
wonderful old breeding. Please visit his
pedigree link below. We love what SCR
produces for us.
Video & More Photos of SCR - The
video shows SCR in 2005 and 2006
with 60 days of training total. SCR
performs a foxtrot, trot, and on
occasion has hit a running walk. Sadly,
due to an injury in 2009, SCR is no
longer able to be ridden. We will miss
riding this gentle giant.
SCR's Pedigree - note some
well-known old time breeding there.
SCR's Foals - pictures.
Breeding Contract - price, terms,
conditions, guarantees.
Mare Care Facilities - pictures and
more information . We offer a 30' x
250' run for your mare.
Color Calculator - calculate the
possibilities of your new foal's color.
~ AI is available on SCR's Special
Attraction on a limited basis. This is done
at Top Line Horse Company, owned and
operated by Dr. Jennifer Tiegen who
specializes in equine reproduction. Please
contact us for more information regarding